An analysis of the polystyrene bead molding project using two different methods

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Polystyrene Bead Molding

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Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry

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Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPF)

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Career & Technical Education

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Thermoforming is the advanced process of creating tools and equipment through the process of heating plastic sheets and constructing them into different molds and shapes. Advances in engineering technology have allowed for the heavy gauge thermoforming process to evolve into various methods.

LMPC The application of the foundry simulation in the projects has considerably advanced in particular thanks to the contribution of the different software used these last two decades.

In the example given below, using nm polystyrene latex beads, it was shown that the distribution width is slightly different in accordance with each of the techniques. A narrower distribution is reported by NTA and is in close agreement with the (number-based mean) certified value from the manufacturer.

Concordance values were in excess of 90% for four out of seven autoantibodies between traditional methods and our bead-based assay (AtheNA Multi-Lyte). The two autoantibodies with concordance levels below 90% were RNP and SS/A.

Polystyrene Beads – Embedded in the PermaBase core, these beads help to lighten the board’s weight, improve the ease of cutting, and create lower water absorption, preventing the mortar/finish adhesive.

An analysis of the polystyrene bead molding project using two different methods
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