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Physical Therapy Massage Business Plan Executive Summary. Healing Touch Massage is a sole proprietorship owned by Lavinia Watkins, LMT. Ms. Watkins has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Oregon since Julyand has run the business from a home-based location since then. Who We Are: Renee Mason # Attended Southern California School of Massage in Riverside, CA.

She has been working as a massage therapist since and is the owner of Bodyology. Massage Therapy is SO important for a pain free and healthy lifestyle.

How To Write a Massage Therapy Business Plan To Create a Thriving Practice

Let Beneficial Massage and Bodywork Therapy massage your pain away. Juliet's Massage is an Asian Massage Parlor in London offers oriental massage, Japanese massage, Chinese massage, sensual massage, erotic massage with Asian outcall massage, we have Prostate Massage, Tantric Massage, Body to Body Massage and Four Hands Massage Options to Enjoy.

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Feb 19,  · Reader Approved How to Start a Massage Therapy Business. Three Parts: Getting the Necessary Certifications and Licenses Creating a Business Plan Finding and Retaining Clientele Community Q&A A massage therapist enhances a person’s health and well-being by manually manipulating their soft body tissues%().

Start your Wellness Plan today! Welcome to Red Earth Massage & Wellness Now Accepting No Fault and Workers Comp Insurance Claims!

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Business plan for massage therapist
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Massage Therapists Business Plan - Executive summary, Financial analysis, Operations