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Project Listing. OVER Schedules & OVER Plans Developed & Approved. Listed below are a few of the projects we have participated in: NAVFAC – Remodel and Expand Diagnostic, Imaging, Cardiology & Endoscopy (DICE).

ClearPlan is a Federally Recognized Small Business providing Program Planning, Controls and Earned Value Management Services to Large Federal and other Fortune / Companies.


We provide Unmatched Expertise in Building and Running Efficient, Compliant Program Planning and Control Systems for Complex Programs. Project Assistants uses best practices, proven technology and highly trained consultants to optimize your business strategy. By working with you to define and select the right portfolio of projects and improve the execution of those projects, we guide you to better, faster and more cost-effective results.

Put your logo here Put your organization name here Project Change Control Plan Template Rev.November, Sample - for Evaluation Only Copyright © CVR/IT. Building capability across Project, Program and Portfolio Management using a considered blend of people, process and tool-sets; balancing innovation and.

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