Cool do it yourself projects

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Hands-on Science Resources for Home and School

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34 Insanely Cool and Easy DIY Project Tutorials

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20 Creative DIY Project Ideas

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39 Cool Crafts for Teens | DIY Projects for Teens

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Case Studies. Weatherization: Improving Home Safety and Reducing Your Energy Bill; Everything You Wanted To Know About Solar Pool Heating; Efficient Usage of Electricity. Over 1, free science projects for K Browse the library or try our Topic Selection Wizard to find your winning science project.

Vision Kit. Do-it-yourself intelligent camera. Experiment with image recognition using neural networks. We present you a bunch of creative DIY projects for your home that you need to make this spring. Spring is the time when we usually need something to freshen up our home and our interior design.

Spring is the time when we usually need something to freshen up our home and our interior design. 75 Cool DIY Projects for Teenagers. Advertisement. Looking for some cool DIY ideas for teens? Especially in the summertime, teenagers are always looking for fun things to make when they are bored or want to make some extra money.

39 Cool Crafts for Teens | DIY Projects for Teens

We put together these fun crafts that are easy and expensive, but still super cool and creative. Do-It-Yourself is the part of our site that is used to organize the incredible amount of the amazingly creative and unique DIY projects and DIY ideas.

Cool do it yourself projects
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Fun Science Experiments for Kids - Cool Projects & Easy Ideas for Children