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The Aftermath of Project Work: Confessions and Reflections

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I read about my wife's affair in her diary

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Experience Confessions

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Is it so far concentrated to believe we build and tone a product as a form through our everyday understanding of what we are applying to create?. Relate, Share and Bond with others who experience Similar Worlds to you.

Even those with tough Project Work groups did not walk away from the entire experience empty handed.

Relate, Share and Bond with others who experience Similar Worlds to you.

Some acknowledge the thought of PW as an ‘oddly enriching experience. Experience Confessions Experience confession stories and sins. Confession Stories; Confessions; Current: experience; Views Recent Upvoted Comments Confession # 01/12/ I am 21 years old and still a virgin.

I hate that I am one because I feel like I am missing out on an incredible experience. Experience Project is taking a break.

I miss Experience Project Confessions

We thank our tens of millions of members for being a part of the largest community of shared experiences ever created. We remain passionate about the incredible power of empathy, and look forward to meeting again soon.

Straight guys have revealed their gayest experience they’ve ever had, and it gets pretty erotic. Here’s a selection of our favorites from Reddit: ‘I was swimming with my friend in a lake at.

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I read about my wife's affair in her diary

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