Laser projected keyboard

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Back to Sam's Laser FAQ Table of Contents.; Back to Commercial Solid State Lasers Sub-Table of Contents. Introduction This chapter contains information on specific models of commercial solid state lasers. The first portion is for lamp pumped solid state lasers while the remainder (and bulk) is for diode pumped solid state lasers.

A projection keyboard is a form of computer input device whereby the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a surface: when a user touches the surface covered by an image of a key, the device records the corresponding keystroke.

Some connect to Bluetooth devices, including many of the latest smartphone, tablet, and mini-PC devices with Android, iOS or Windows platform.

We’ve been evaluating the best laser line levels since Our team of expert reviewers spent more than 80 hours researching, evaluating and testing the models on the market today. Turn any surface into a workspace with this laser projection keyboard that connects to Bluetooth.5/5(1). Rated 4 out of 5 by kocherd from Nice Projector Saw this LG projector on Costco's website, and when I read the laser lamp was rated for 10, hours I wanted to try it.

I seldom used my previous projector, because I was always trying to prolong the life of the expensive lamp. This LG projector is 2, lumens, which is considerably brighter than my previous projector's $ Laser projection virtual keyboard transforms flat surfaces.

Our virtual keyboard transforms a flat surface into an instant work station. So you can type up a storm any time you want.

Laser projected keyboard
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