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Project HOME is a Philadelphia non-profit organization empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing, employment, health care, and education.

Michelle Garcia Events Coordinator & Donor Communications. Contact Us. Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA [email protected] Popularized by the film, a bizarre low-budget sequel, and a Syfy channel movie, tales of the Philadelphia Experiment involves covert U.S.

Navy operations that led to time travel. THE PHILADELPHIA PROJECT PROJECT RAINBOW AND THE USS ELDRIDGE In Julythe destroyer U.S.S.

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Eldridge pulled into the Delaware Bay area for a United States Naval experiment that involved the task of making the ship invisible. As an urban ministry, we are excited to share about God's heart for the city. Our hope is to broaden youth's understanding of urban America and global missions, reorganizing that over half the world's people live in cities (and that number is growing).

The goal of the Community Education Workgroup is to inform community residents in the Philadelphia region about the impact and prevalence of adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma, the role of resilience, and the possibility of healing and recovery.

Philidelphia project
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