Project m lucario

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Lucario guide to Project M

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Lucario (PM)

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Up throw has slightly less endlag. Force Palm Grabs: You might've thought you knew Lucario's force palm before, but Project M has given it a buff. If used at the right time as the opponent is just in front of (or just behind), Lucario will grab them, and deliver a satisfying punch to their face.

Project M and its community have grown larger than any of us ever anticipated, and it's truly heartwarming to see all of the unforgettable connections and friendships that.

Jan 03,  · Lucario - Project M: Lucario is a steel/fighting type Pokemon who is sensitive to a special energy known as "aura." In Super Smash Bros.

Brawl, this is manifested in. Jan 03,  · Lucario - Project M: Lucario is a steel/fighting type Pokemon who is sensitive to a special energy known as "aura." In Super Smash Bros.

Brawl, this is manifested in. Lucario is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project mechanics between Brawl and Project M have been nearly entirely reimagined. Lucario ranks 18th out of 41 on the official tier list, toward the top of the B is a considerable drop from their placement in Brawl, where it was 11th out of Universe: Pokémon.

Project M is a community-made mod of Brawl inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee's gameplay designed to add rich, technical gameplay to a balanced cast of characters while additionally enhancing the speed of play.

Project m lucario
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