Project mu lug nuts

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Project Kics Lug Nuts

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Project Mu Racing Floating Lug Nuts

Project-Mu is a premier manufacturer of high-performance brake systems focused on appealing to the needs of performance fanatics who want over-the-top products that deliver championship levels of quality and performance with improved noise reduction and heat insulation.

Cutting-edge technology combines with expert craftsmanship and premium materials to give petrol heads what they want in the. Project Mu is a high performance brake technology company with their product heavily researched and tested in motorsports competitions throughout Japan.

Project Mu's current catalog covers all bases for everyone from the daily driver to the highest spec time attack machines. Project Kics Lug Nuts. KYO-EI is one of the most trusted names in Japan when it comes to automotive accessories.

For over 50 years, KYO-EI has developed several unique automotive accessories that are used heavily in both street and race applications. Project KICS, MXP, Project Mu and Wheelmate products for North America. We also offer. Black Chrome Racing Floating Lug Nuts by Project Mu®.

This lightweight wheel nut is designed for racing and high performance driving. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Project Mu will last a Project Mu.

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Project MU R40 Racing Composite lug nuts are a patented 2 piece design that allows the top of the lugs to spin independently from its tapered end. This innovative design provides the best hold than any lug nuts on the market today.

Its tapered end greatly reduces the changes of scratching your wheels. Made of lightweight composite materials. Thread Size: M12x or M12x 20pcs/set 33mm Gold Project MU Racing Composite SPEC Steel Racing Wheel Nuts M12x Car Wheel Rims Lug Nuts.

Project mu lug nuts
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