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The SMART IRB Master Reliance Agreement and reciprocal IRB reliance model enable single IRB review in accordance with NIH policies on the Use of a Single Institutional Review Board for.

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BP and Reliance Industries Ltd. have sanctioned development of the R-Series deepwater gas fields in block KGD6 offshore eastern India. Reliance Project.

likes. Reliance is a (c)(3) nonprofit comprised of Special Forces veterans, academics, and humanitarian professionals whose.

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Unitech Group's latest news, press releases, interviews, construction updates for all our properties. learn more about the resilience project Helping Australians to be mentally healthy We deliver emotionally engaging programs and provide evidence based, practical strategies to build resilience.

Richard Cleveland's Earth School is an outdoor school for all ages that encourages each student to immerse themselves in nature by learning earth living skills; an experience that brings us to a deeper appreciation and connection with the rhythms of the Earth.

Reliance project
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