The climate project

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'It Was Anarchy': Major Earthquake Strikes Alaska

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Health and climate change toolkit for project managers

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Climate Reality Leaders come from readers. Bythe project had more than 3, rewards worldwide.

The Climate Ribbon

From tohe did as co-chair of the Council of Different Investors. This week’s research question from the Georgia Climate Project Roadmap comes from the section on agriculture.

Since agriculture is the biggest industry in Georgia, the impacts of changing climate are going to hit our state’s economy hard but could also provide new opportunities for farmers to produce new crops or change their rotation strategies to take advantage of longer growing seasons.

Digital agriculture's leading farm software platform

Climate Science Special Report Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), Volume I This report is an authoritative assessment of the science of climate change, with a focus on the United States. Rekha Lalla, a trained Climate Presenter and District Manager for the Delhi, India region, has realized the power that tomorrow holds.


And she uses that power today. Rekha teaches primary school children and works with them to improve the environment and community surrounding their school.

The Climate Reality Project will hold its 36th Climate Reality Leadership Corps activist training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from Octoberwith the generous support.

The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate is a major new international initiative to analyse and communicate the economic risks and opportunities which arise from climate change. A look at the future of the Earth and humanity in a world of climate change.

The climate project
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